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5 things Boudican has in common with Queen Boudicca

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Over the last several centuries, our planet has been fortunate enough to have been graced by some truly iconic figures. Whereas some would argue that the balance is tipped in the favour of males, there have been numerous iconic women that made their mark and did their part to change the world. Here at Boudican, we’re all for equality and we’re all for embracing the past whilst looking to the future. One of the most inspirational historical figures in our eyes is one whom inspired us to create the ‘Boudican’ brand. Yes, we’re talking about none other than Queen Boudicca herself, who was, without question, one of the fiercest warriors the world has ever seen. Here’s a look at 5 things Boudican organic marketplace has in common with the warrior queen of the Iceni Tribe herself.

Who was Queen Boudicca?

5 Things Boudican Has In Common With Queen Boudicca

Before we can look at what we have in common with the woman herself, we first need to talk a little more about whom Boudicca was. Queen Boudicca was the queen of a tribe of peoples that were based in modern day Norfolk, England. The tribe were known as the Iceni.

Based in the East of England, back in A.D 60, Boudicca led a revolt against Roman invaders after the death of her husband King Prasutagus. This revolt resulted in the destruction of two, or maybe even three (as evidence now suggests) significant Roman settlements. This revolt came very close to driving the invading Romans out of the country for good.

Things we have in common with Queen Boudicca


Like The Queen Boudicca, Boudican Believe In Doing The Right Thing And Standing Up For What Is Right

We’re both inspired by victory

We’re on a mission to make sustainable living accessible. That’s why we created our marketplace for certified organic products, to help connect independent organic sellers directly to the buyers. Essentially, we’ve simplified the supply chain and will continue to do so until we’ve made sustainable living as simple as we know it can, and should, be. Once we achieve our goals, then we can celebrate victory. Victory is something we have in common with Queen Boudicca herself. You see, Boudicca is an ancient Celtic name which can be traced back many, many centuries. It is derived from the word ‘Boud’ which literally means ‘victory’ in Celt.

We stand up for what’s right

We only have one planet, and we believe it’s our duty to do what’s right and to care for the planet and the environment however we can. That’s why we did our part to create our organic marketplace offering sustainable, natural, organic products to help create a world where people, animals, and the planet can thrive. Like the warrior queen, we believe in doing the right thing and standing up for what is right. In this case, what’s right is better planet and better living conditions for all living things.

Boudican believe in community just like the warrior queen did

Just like the queen of the Iceni, we very much believe in community here at Boudican. Queen Boudicca was very much a queen of the people. She ensured that the Iceni people were looked after and she saw them right. We believe in these same principles. We want to inspire our consumers and producers to create positive social, economic, and ecological values for all of our communities. The seller gets more control and decides on what to charge, which results in fairer pricing. There is more transparency when buying and selling on our organic marketplace, and we ensure that everybody is looked after and treated fairly and equally, just as the queen of the Iceni herself once did.

We both help people to unite with common goals

Here at Boudican, we want to unite sellers and buyers alike. Our goal is to create a greener, healthier, more sustainable and cruelty-free approach to produce, which we intend on doing by uniting likeminded individuals with the same goals. The warrior queen herself helped united individuals driven by common goals when she united countless tribes up and down the country to help them defeat the invading Roman forces. The queen united more than 100,000 men to fight against the Roman invasion. Whilst our goal is to unite people for decidedly more peaceful objectives, we still wish to unite people in order for us to reach our goals.

We both inspire others

Boudica is one of the most inspirational women to ever walk the earth. In fact, she’s one of the most inspirational people in history. She inspired hundreds of thousands of Tribesmen and women to stand up for what was right and to fight for their freedom and even after her death, she still inspires people to better themselves to this day. We ourselves are looking to inspire people to do what’s right. That’s why our organic marketplace is designed to connect others so easily, in order to spread awareness about the importance of sustainability. Our primary objective is to inspire people to go green and look for more ethical and eco-friendly methods of shopping, eating, and living.

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