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About Boudican

Boudican is the marketplace for certified organic products. We’re uniting organic enthusiasts and producers through our platform to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Our mission is to make sustainable living accessible

Boudican is the marketplace for ethically sourced certified organic products across beauty, food, textiles and more. We are simplifying the value chains by connecting the consumers directly with small independent producers to create a resilient supply chain that is underpinned by sustainability principles, reducing inequality and improving wellbeing.

Boudican Is The Marketplace For Certified Organic Products
We'Re Making Sustainable Shopping Easy

We're making sustainable shopping easy

Sustainable shopping is becoming confusing and more time-consuming since there aren’t any regulations on using words like ‘sustainable’, ‘natural’, ‘green’, ‘eco’ or ‘transparent’. We’re here to help. Boudican only list products that have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards. We verify the producer’s sustainability claims, their product ingredients, and packaging to ensure products are right for you and our planet.

We're giving small producers direct access to new markets

We provide a range of digital tools and services for small independent producers to start, manage, and scale their businesses through e-commerce. Through Boudican, small producers have free access to all the latest digital technologies from digital marketing to AI without worrying about their lack of digital knowledge, costs and resources.

We'Re Giving Small Producers Direct Access To New Markets

We believe in the power of business for good

To make a difference we:

Help small producers to participate fully in the digital economy

Provide tools and services for independent producers to integrate them into the thriving digital economy

Boost short supply chain where possible

Use technology to help customers to discover and buy locally where possible, to reduce carbon footprint

Increase awareness of buying sustainably

Educate customers on the environmental and social impacts of their consumption behaviours

Create good movement

Use marketing to drive positive impact for people, communities and the planet we share.

Raise environmental awareness

Use marketing campaigns to promote environmental awareness

Encourage sustainable lifestyles

Leverage marketing efforts to promote and educate healthy and sustainable living

Boudican Is Named After The Ultimate Warrior Queen Boudica (Or Boadicea) Who Is Considered A British Folk Hero

Where does the name "Boudican" come from?

Boudican is named after the ultimate warrior queen Boudica (or Boadicea) who is considered a British folk hero. The name ‘Boudica’ derives from the Proto-Celtic feminine adjective *boudīkā, meaning “victorious”. Boudica represents bravery to stand up against the odds and doing your best to put things right.

Inspired by Boudica, we strive to do our best to empower people to live organic through our platform by connecting them with our organic producers and our like-minded community of Boudicans who believe in a sustainable future for everyone.

3 things you will love about Boudican

We want to use our expertise to make sustainable living simple and more impactful.

We are more than a marketplace

Our aim is to grow the sustainable living movement and generate positive social and ecological value for our community.

Product information transparency

We provide access to information on products, producers, organic certification and animal welfare in a clear, concise and easily understandable manner.

Build relationships with local producers

Enjoy a personalised shopping experience and build relationships with local organic producers through direct interactions and conversations.

Want More Information?

Want more information?

Here are some resources to help you get started.

We need your help to make sustainable living accessible

We can't do what we do without you. You can make a difference by joining us and together we can build a world where we can all thrive.

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