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How Boudican works

Boudican aims to simplify the current supply chain by connecting independent organic producers directly with consumers and creating a relationship that matters.


Organic shopping, simplified.

At Boudican we believe in a simplified, transparent and secure shopping experience.

I'm a buyer

We make it incredibly easy for the buyer to discover and shop all organic products under one roof and only list authentic organic producers’ products so the buyer confidently knows the origin of each product. Buyers never have to ask again where their food and products come from.


Browse our product range or use our advanced search to find the specific product you want.

Place an order

Check the products offered by Boudican’s sellers, view their profile and pay using our secure online service.

Receive and enjoy

Boudican’s sellers send the products purchased directly to you via priority mail shipping. Simple.

Rate the service

If you love it, leave the seller a note to let them know! These reviews help create a sense of community for our users and build a marketplace based on safety and trust.

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Start Your Online Business With Boudican Organic Marketplace

I'm a seller

Sellers can eliminate the hassle of selling their products through other retailers, access the broader market and improve their profit margin by selling direct.

Apply to sell

Complete our online registration form. Note that we only approve sellers who are certified by the UK’s organic certification body.

Create your shop

Our easy to use tools will help you to create your customised shop, and we’re on hand to help if you need it. You can edit listings, manage orders, and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere.

Receive order notifications

Receive real-time order notifications and send the product via your preferred shipping method.

Receive payments

We send you the payment automatically via BACs (no need to do a thing)


100% authentic and guaranteed quality

At Boudican, we are committed to total transparency about our products. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

We only list products that are certified by one of the approved organic certification bodies in the UK, internationally recognised for their incredibly high standards. Approved organic certification bodies define how an organic product must be grown, farmed or made and ensure licensees meet strict European laws about the production of organic food and products.

Together for good

Join us to make sustainable living accessible and build a sustainable future for everyone. Together we can build a world where we can all thrive.

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