Support small independent producers who protect our natural world

Marketplace for ethically sourced certified organic products

Buy premium quality organic skincare, textiles, food and organic baby products that have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards, directly from certified organic producers.

Sellers are certified by:

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Only certified organic

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We only list authentic organic products that are certified by the UK’s organic certification bodies

Easy sustainable shopping

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Verified sellers, products and packaging so you don’t have to. Good for you and our planet

Support local producers

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Buy directly from independent certified organic producers who protect our natural world

Guaranteed quality

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100% natural and premium quality products that meet the highest organic standards


Sometimes, it's a popularity contest

Check out these popular organic products that you can shop for right now. 


Honestly priced certified organic products

Boudican only works with sellers who are certified by the UK’s organic certification body to ensure integrity is maintained through the supply chain. So you can be sure that your chosen products from Boudican promotes a better world. Browse our certified organic skincare, clothing, bedding, baby and food products:

Organic Gifts They Will Love


Pick an organic gift they’ll actually love

It’s true when we buy and use organic it makes us happier as we know it means pure and natural ingredients which is good for us and good for the planet.

From organic skincare and organic baby clothes, to luxury organic beddings and organic nut butters & spreads, we have something for everyone to make every organic lover in your life smile.

Boudican keeps you safe

As a marketplace, we ensure the integrity and honesty of each person in a transaction

Trustworthy sellers

Our sellers are certified by the UK’s organic certification body to ensure the integrity of organic standards

Purchase protection

If it’s not what you have ordered, we guarantee to give you money back.

Buy safely and securely

Boudican protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Independent UK brands making a positive impact on the planet

We love to know our organic producers and we want you to know them, too! Learn about some of the UK’s best organic producers and brands we work with.

Experience the best of nature with Terre Verdi organic beauty products

The British natural and organic wool duvet company

Boudican Is A Marketplace For Authentic Organic Products

Powerful alone. Better together.

Boudican is the certified organic products marketplace. We bring consumers and independent organic sellers together through our marketplace to simplify buying and selling organic products. We believe together we can build a world where people, animals and the planet can thrive.

What makes Boudican different

We are a proud British business and believe in the power of business for good. We exist as a business to create positive economic, social, and ecological value for our community. This is what makes Boudican and our marketplace distinct from mass retailers.

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